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2007-08-07 00:44:14 by Gam3r

i would like people to know that im not bitching or being steory typical but theres just certain kinds of people that just get to me like people that harm themselves on purpose

or thiefs
(not counting limewire or bitturrent users)

comment me about people that get to you


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2007-08-07 01:13:31

The only type of people that get on my nerves are the ones who get pissed off at every little thing.

They're just as bad as stereotypical Emos.

I lost a Life on my Video game! *screams*

You know what I mean?

Gam3r responds:

yeah i mean your right


2007-08-07 11:13:41

Everyone has a certain group of people they don't see eye to eye with. Mine being "the in crowd" who smoke pot and overdose themselves to sleep at night with Red Bulls.

Gam3r responds:

good point the in crowd needs to get "out"


2007-08-07 11:36:02

i hate when people post garbage and dribble poop on the front page... that always gets to me!